Cheap Thrills – Sia / Tina Boo Choreography

Cheap Thrills – Sia / Tina Boo Choreography

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5 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills – Sia / Tina Boo Choreography

  1. Vivek

    Hi Admin, is it possible to upload videos on some social sites like (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo) on a single click?

    februari 24, 2018 om 11:45 am Beantwoorden
    1. Kamlesh

      Hello Vivek, Yes it is possible to upload video to these three major sites.

      februari 24, 2018 om 11:52 am Beantwoorden
  2. vtube

    I just want to know how to do that?

    februari 24, 2018 om 11:56 am Beantwoorden
  3. Kamlesh

    Hi, just navigate to the Profile menu >> Profile Setting and update the simultaneously Upload section.

    After that, you will be able to upload a video to multisites.

    februari 24, 2018 om 11:58 am Beantwoorden
    1. vtube

      Thank You 🙂

      februari 24, 2018 om 11:59 am Beantwoorden

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