Roberta Petzoldt


Sometimes she is an armchair, sometimes she’s a time-lapse, a sermon, and sometimes a reflection in the water.


She graduated in 2010 at the Language and Image Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

“I approach my subjects very intimately and take them into my own physical body. How do you picture 'nothing'. How close can you get to a shadow, how does boredom sound? By identifying myself with my subjects, I can move with them, I can pull them apart from their context and put them in new places. Image and language are two pillars of my work it's the space from where on branches extend through sound, video, installation, performance, paintings and drawings. Together they form the body in which, a non linear and polydimensional reality can exist.”

Agenda Performances:

8th of March 2018

Intern. Women’s Day

Arto Localo

15th of March 2018

16 years ‘Meevaart’

De Meevaart

31st of March 2018

50 years ‘Paradiso’



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